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Terms and conditions.

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1. Customer agree not to use, nor to let others use the vehicle for the commercial transportation of persons or property, for hire, in races, or public or private contest or to drive in violations of any and all applicable laws, regulations or ordinances, or to tow any vehicle or trailer. Customers assumes full responsibility for any fine, penalty or damage arising out of the infringement of the provisions in this clause.

2. The hirer assumes full responsibility for any violations of traffic or parking regulations committed during the term of this agreement.

3. It is expressly agreed that Poppycars accepts no liability whatsoever for loss or damage to any property left, stored or transported by the hirer or by any other person traveling in the vehicle

4. The insurance does not cover any damage to the interiors of the vehicle, windows, wheel breakage, underbody parts, lost or damaged keys, expenses caused by improper refuelling. The hirer is responsible for any cost arising from the above.

5. While we will endeavor to attend any breakdowns as soon as possible. Poppycars assumes no responsibility for any delays that may arise out of breakdown in the vehicle or any other causes.

6. Collision Damage insurance is null and void if the hirer allows any person other than those named on the contract to drive the car without first informing and obtained permission from us

7. The vehicle is covered by an Insurance Policy which provides unlimited coverage against third-party liability of the vehicle, the hirer being assured under Said policy agrees to comply with all the terms and conditions thereof and therefore agrees to report immediately any accident to the insurer, their agent or us within two hours.

8. The insurance is null and void if the hirer carries more passengers than allowed by law. The number of seat belts in the car denotes the number of people the car is allowed to carry.

9. The insurance is null and void if the hirer drives or operates the vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or any drugs.

10. The minimum driver age is 25 years, and have held a full licence for at least 3 years.

11. Payment can be made in Euros, Euro cheque's, Credit Cards only, (Please note we can not accept Debit Card). No deposit required, no credit card required, pay in full when you collect the car..


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